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The webmaster / admin interface has been upgraded. The latest version of n-gen.net CMS now supports a a brand new ribbon admin menu as well as the "old" admin cube. Read more about admin interface...

The photo gallery now supports location information. By editing the photo metadata it is now possible to retrieve GPS location info from the Exif data if the photo contains location information. The location can be displayed in Google Maps.

We have changed the editor from ver. 4.12.1 to ver. 4.15. This improves security and a lot of stuff under the hood. Still the look and feel are the same as the familiar ver. 4.12.1 with just a little added functionality, i.e. embed media from Vimeo, YouTube, Facebook or your own video. Documentation is updated accordingly. We hope you will find the upgrade pleasant and almost invisible.

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What is n-gen.net CMS?

n-gen.net CMS is a free, simple and user friendly Content Management System. With n-gen CMS you can easily control the layout, look & feel, functionality and the content of your website -- all it takes is a browser!

Knowledge of Hypertext Markup Language, Cascading Style Sheets or databases is not in any way a requirement to maintain a website based on n-gen.net CMS.
n-gen.net CMS is designed for those who want an easy approach to create and maintain highly dynamic websites with limited or no knowledge of web technologies -- from any browser.

This website is dedicated to online help for n-gen CMS version 1.0 and newer releases. It contains installation guides, descriptions of the system and modules down to single file level as well as a comprehensive library of video tutorials and content dependent help; all to make your daily life with n-gen.net CMS easier.

Getting started

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About this site

In the above menu you find most topics regarding n-gen.net CMS installation, use and maintenance.  Though the underlying n-gen.net CMS is responsive in its design, the content is often best viewed in a browser on a larger monitor like a laptop or PC.

The site is intended to be informative and contains in depth instruction and support regarding n-gen.net CMS. If you miss marketing elements, adds, 3rd part cookies, etc. you might have ended up in the wrong place: We simply do not have banner adds or exchange user information or statistics! 

The site is under constant development. Please exercise a lot of patience with its content and form. If you do not find what you need do not hesitate to contact us by mail to n-gen@n-gen.net.

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