About the Structured Query Language (SQL)...

SQL commands are mainly categorized into four categories as:

DDL:  Data Definition Language
DQL:  Data Query Language
DML:  Data Manipulation Language
DCL:  Data Control Language

  1. DDL creates the tables with the required columns and with corect data types (numbers, dates, text strings, etc.)
  2. DQL reads from one or more rows of one or more tables in the database.
  3. DML writes a new row (insert) to one or more tables in the database or updates existing fields in one more rows of a table. DML can also delete one or more rows in a table in the database.
  4. DCL authorizes (grants) the database user to perform DDL, DQL or DML operations or revoke the database user's privileges to perform database operations.

SQL is a common database language used in many Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS) but it has a lot of dialects.

SQL-92 statements are interpreted by most RDBMS.

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Selecting the right database definition file during installation
n-gen.net CMS offers all database table definitions and initial data compiled into one .sql file.

If you are in doubt you should select the newest  install[yyyy-MM-dd].sql  file!

Typically the installation files follow these naming conventions:

? install[yyyy-MM-dd].sql => an SQL-file that contains all you need for installing n-gen.net CMS,
    i.e. install[2020-06-06].sql
? install_addXXX[yyyy-MM-dd].sql => an SQL-file that contains new tables to be added to the database.

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