Creating a MySQL database instance

If you do not have a database server: Download MySQL Database server and install it.
You can find all the required information on MySQL website.

If you do have a database server but do not have a database for n-gen CMS:
Logon to the DB server with Admin privileges (root) and write the below SQL-statements:


USE [myDbName];

CREATE USER '[myDbUserName]'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[myDbUserPassword]';
GRANT USAGE ON [myDbName].* to '[myDbUserName]'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[myDbUserPassword]';
GRANT ALL ON '[myDbName]'.* to '[myDbUserName]'@'localhost';

Substitute the values within [] with your own values.

Note: The database server does not have to reside on the same physical or virtual server as your web server (MS IIS). It does not even have to run on the same Windows OS as your production server. Most of the development has been done on MySQL running on various Linux distributions or Maria DB running on Synology DSM. You can even run your database server on a headless 30 € Raspberry Pi as long as your website is not too busy. The only thing is that you have to have a stable always-on connection to make your web site available at all times.     

Create a MySQL Db Instance

If you want to create a database instance for n-gen CMS on your MySQL database server in order to be able to use the n-gen CMS installer you can use the SQL statements to the left or above...

If you already have access to a MySQL database server but no database on the server for n-gen CMS the installer will offer to create it for you. That is if you have the privileges to create a new database on the server.

Last updated 29-01-2024 01:21:13