If you do not have a database server: Download MySQL Database server and install it.

If you do have a database server but do not have a database for n-gen CMS:
Logon to the DB server with Admin privileges (root) and write the below SQL-statements:


CREATE DATABASE [myDatabaseName];
USE [myDatabaseName];

CREATE USER '[myDatabaseUserName]'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[myDatabaseUserPassword]';
GRANT USAGE ON [myDatabaseName].* to '[myDatabaseUserName]'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY '[myDatabaseUserPassword]';
GRANT ALL ON '[myDatabaseName]'.* to '[myDatabaseUserName]'@'localhost';

Substitute the values within [] with your own values

Create a MySQL Db Instance

If you want to create a database instance for n-gen CMS on your MySQL database server in order to be able to use the n-gen CMS installer you can use the SQL statements to the left...

If you already have access to a MySQL database server but no database on the server for n-gen CMS the installer will offer to create it for you. That is if you have the privileges to create a new database on the server.

Last updated 16-12-2020 16:38:04