n-gen CMS uses the popular CKEditor ver. 4. This is a What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get (WYSIWYG)editor, and it's robust, it's easy to operate and it's very well documented. Except for a few minor modifications n-gen CMS runs the standard ver. 4.15. This version runs flawlessly in almost any browser on any device.

Even if you think using the editor is as easy as using a word processor like Microsoft Office you should remember that the editor helps you write »tags« and format the page with the proper HTML code. This means that you can customize the text; colors, sizes, fonts, etc. on every page just the way you like it. 
But... you shouldn’t! 
Instead you should use the Style Assistant to format the standard text sizes, colors, font and similarly you can format different headings, link, etc. 

If you use the Style Assistant instead of customizing the text in the editor you can change the look and feel of every page on your website with a few clicks.

See this video for general use of (an older version of) the Editor.




Last updated 20-12-2020 17:49:02