Do you need to have a Cookie Consent Banner on Your Page?

Actually CMS does not store any cookies on visitor's devices by default!

So the simple answer is "No!"

The only cookie that a default installation of CMS set is in the Photo Gallery and only if the user alter the default setting of four columns.

During the management of your CMS it sets a few cookies: I.e. if you disable the content help (editing pages and headers) or choose to use the Admin Ribbon instead of the default Admin Cube that choice is also stored in a cookie.


The Cookie Consent Banner script is found in the /scripts/ folder.
Use the Source Code Editor to customize your script.

Find the Source Code Editor on the back side of the Admin Cube.


How to make a script that shows visitors that you page use cookies

If you want to alter the source code or include cookies for any purpose feel free to do so. And if you do so in the EU you should also have a "Cookie Consent Banner" showing the visitors of you website that the visit will leave a cookie on their device. include a Cookie Consent Banner even though no cookies are set!! It is actually a copy of the free script written by Elias Lange from Hamburg, Germany ( Thank you for that, Elias!
[You should consider giving Elias a donation if you use the script].

In it's simplest form the script looks like one of the two code snippets below. The first part refers to the script is if you use Elias' server, the second one is is refering to your own cookie script included in the CMS installation:

<script type="text/javascript" id="cookieinfo" src="//">
// Use Elias' script

<script type="text/javascript" id="cookieinfo" src="/scripts/cookieConsent.js">
// Use the built-in script

The Cookie Consent Banner script on your own server can be added to any of your pages, not only the start page.
If you wish to add the script to one or more of your pages it is actually included as one of the built-in templates of your system:

To make customization as easy as possible you can apply the following data-attributes to any of the two scripts above:

  1. data-font-size - text size of the message and the link (default: 14px)
  2. data-font-family - font family of the message and the link (default: verdana, arial, sans-serif)
  3. data-text-align - position of the text (default: center)
  4. data-height - banner height (default: 31 pixels)
  5. data-fg - banner text color follows you text color defined in the Style Assistant
  6. data-bg - banner background color (default: #FDD)
  7. data-link - link text color (default: #F11)
  8. data-divlink - button text color (default: #FFF)
  9. data-divlinkbg - button background color (default: #C00)
  10. data-position - banner position, top or bottom (default: top)
  11. data-message - message text (default: We do not need cookies to enhance your experience. By continuing to visit this site you agree that we do not use cookies at all!)
  12. data-linkmsg - link text (default: More info)
  13. data-moreinfo - where the visitor can read more about cookies (default: [this page!])
  14. data-close-text - the text/symbol for the close button (default: ×)
  15. data-effect - effect to use (default: fade)
  16. data-cookie - name for the cookie to store the cookie banner acceptance information (default: we-love-cookies)
  17. data-expires - cookie expiry date/time (default is Infinity aka "Fri, 31 Dec 9999 23:59:59 GMT").
  18. data-cookie-path - Path to set for the cookie
  19. data-mask - whether to create a mask over the viewport (default: false). Clicking anywhere on the mask is considered as acceptance.
  20. data-mask-opacity - the opacity to use for the window mask (default: 0.5)
  21. data-mask-background - optional background style you wish to apply to the mask (default: #999)
  22. data-zindex - z-index to set on the notice (default: 255). If mask is used, the notice's z-index is automatically incremented by 1 so it appears above the mask)
  23. data-accept-on-scroll - when is set true window scrolling is considered as acceptance. (default: false)
  24. data-tracking - Tracking pixel (default: Off - To enable you will need to enter a (image) tracking url or script.

Below is an example of a customized version of the script:

<script type="text/javascript" 
data-close-text="Got it!">



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